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Die Fabrik (The Factory)

In the hearts of some men pumps a darkness as thick as oil.

Evil bleeds from every pore.

There are two fates worse than death in the Third Reich.

And both of them exist inside Die Fabrik...

where the smell of sulfur would make the Devil gag


Die Fabrik (The Factory) is a science fiction horror story in two parts.


It begins with a briefing to Winston Churchill on the Blutskrieger Program by Peter Weston-Brown, a rising star within Britain's super-secret Aegis Bureau. The Bureau has received a series of documents smuggled out of 'Die Fabrik', the factory of the Third Reich's Diesel-Mechanical Institute, where Dr. Heidi Schwann works beside the infamous Dr. Josef Mengele. The documents, written on vellum made from human skin by an inmate known only as 'Gustav', are an eye-witness account of the unspeakable horror inside the factory that produces the Blutskrieger, the Nazis' bio-mechanical warriors whose existence are beyond evil.

It is April, 1942. Several months previously, the head of Hitler's Zauber Korps, Reichsführer Bernhardt Morax, declared to Adolf Hitler that the Third Reich's Blutskrieger Program was operational and battle ready. Britain's spy network inside the Third Reich has sent urgent warnings to London. Dramatic revisions to Hitler's military plans were nearing completion. Propaganda posters were appearing on the streets of every German city. 'Blutskrieg' was coming. And Britain was the target.

Take a deep breath and enter 'The Factory'. Learn about 'der Prozess'. Picture yourself inside a place where there are two punishments worse than death and where the shadows are curtains behind which Satan hides… and then reflect on the historical precedent for such unimaginable fiction. Think of future advances in science, and ask yourself, could this come true one day if those evil enough to think of it, would try it?

Die Fabrik (The Factory) contains nine color illustrations including exclusive renderings of the Blutskrieger and dossiers on the major characters in the story.

Be warned!

This story is not suitable for readers with a sensitive disposition. But if you are a fan of horror, it doesn't get more horrifying than this!

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