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When I'm not trying to survive the chaos of everyday life, I'm dreaming up all kinds of bat-shit crazy fiction. To say I have an overactive imagination is an understatement. I specialize in science fiction, science fantasy, dieselpunk, and steampunk but I'm known for writing an award-winning mystery thriller too. My goal is to thrill and amaze my readers with dynamic plots, unusual twists, interesting characters, and worlds of wonder. I do this from my writer's den in a small village in North Lincolnshire, England with the occasional interference from my ginger tabby cat who claims to be from another dimension and will push me through a wormhole if he is not fed on demand.



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In Tiger Paw, a serial killer wreaks havoc on Wall Street, dismantling a corrupt financier’s empire one body at a time. FBI profiler Scott Forrester uncovers the deadly secret of a demon-worshipping Hindu cult that is determined to change the very fabric of society. Firmly in their assassin’s crosshairs, Scott Forrester is forced underground to stop the killing spree. But will he survive the deal he must make with the Devil to thwart their satanic plan? Best Thriller 2012– Florida Writers Association, Royal Palm Literary Awards Best Indie Thriller Nominee – Kindle Book Reviews “A great variation to the thriller genre…the author blended a detective storyline with a thread of the esoteric which makes it stand out from other thrillers. The ending leaves you guessing… a well thought out story, with lots of action. Recommended for all lovers of thrillers and action books.” – Midwest Book Review “5 Stars! - This book had my juices flowing-my heart pounding, blood boiling, anger, rage, PISSED OFF. It had me thinking of all kinds of things. So applicable to what is going on today. Believable. For a debut novel, I was really impressed.” – Sherry Fundin, Fundinmental Book Reviews “This book goes far beyond a 5 STAR rating! Charles A. Cornell is a magnificent storyteller and his debut novel is brilliant. Tiger Paw was a very tumultuous read for me. It touches on everything that's wrong in government and Wall Street. I can imagine the challenge he faces when writing the next novels. It will be hard to top this.” – Laura Thomas, FU Only Knew Book Reviews More on Tiger Paw... In Charles A Cornell’s critically acclaimed mystery thriller, Tiger Paw, FBI Special Agent Scott Forrester investigates a series of bizarre murders at the center of a Wall Street stock scam. The killer’s most recent victim – billionaire Wall Street mogul Matthew Carleton - was drowned in a bath tub of red wine. The FBI believes the murders are the work of a professional hit man. But the killer leaves behind an indecipherable message that defies explanation. Scott Forrester teams up with criminal psychologist, Dr. Rajeev Chandra. They decode the killer's cryptic warning. It points to an East Indian cult whose religious icon - an altarpiece lost for centuries and now on display in the US - is haunted by a disturbing past. As the billionaire financier’s Wall Street empire is dismantled one body at a time, they encounter sinister forces deep inside the corridors of power in Washington that are determined to silence anyone who uncovers their connection with the cult. The conspiracy is spreading like a cancer and is on a mission to change the very fabric of society. Dogged by his own demons – his troubled brother, a disabled Afghan war veteran; an adversarial boss hell bent to destroy his career; and a failed love life - Scott Forrester follows the trail of the elusive killer as he wreaks havoc from Wyoming to the Bahamas. Forrester falls into the cult’s carefully laid trap. Exposed to the assassin’s crosshairs and forced to take his fight underground, Scott Forrester must confront the cult’s menace in all its physical and spiritual forms. And the ultimate price to end this nightmare? Cross the no man’s land that divides good from evil… to bargain his soul with the Devil himself. Tiger Paw is a thriller cloaked in mystery, psychological suspense and international intrigue. A story of people who have sold their souls in exchange for wealth and power. A story of greed, deception, and revenge. And a story of one man’s struggle to triumph against the greatest evil he has ever faced.

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Is work at your BigCorp a complete absurdity? Do you wonder how you'll survive it? Here's the book for you! Survivor's Guide to Working at a Big Corporation! is an irreverent look at corporate culture. This book was written to be as different from other business self-help books as possible. Few books deal with ordinary people like you and me—people employed to shine the rungs on the ladder of someone else's success. It's not about thriving. It's about surviving. And in today's economy you need all the Survival Tips you can get! ABOUT THE SURVIVOR'S GUIDE We can dispense with what this guide is NOT very quickly. This guide is not designed to prepare you for promotion in BigCorp. It's not designed to groom you for the Fast Track. This guide does not provide tips for those of you who’ve been newly promoted to the predator-class and are raising your gun-sight to wow BigCorp with your newly anointed managerial chutzpah. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of books out there that do this already. There are few books out there dealing with the daily working lives of ordinary people like you and me—those of us required to shine the rungs on the ladder of someone else's success, working with our arms flailing about like supersonic windmills, energized by what management hopes is an infinite supply of good old elbow grease. For those of us working in a dysfunctional BigCorp, this book helps you survive! OVER 50 SPECIFIC SURVIVAL TIPS! A Survivor's Guide to Working at a Big Corporation is chock full of Survival Tips ! HOW TO: - Survive working for a sociopath, a narcissist or an obsessive-compulsive manager. - Dodge Machiavellian behavior & escape from fiendish plots. - Spot leadership styles that are total failures & make your life miserable. - Get your manager to solve a problem he or she doesn't want to solve. - Safeguard your job if you're assigned overseas. - Survive a cost-cutting campaign & live through a bankruptcy. - Avoid the 'Social Media Death Trap' & protect your freedoms. - Deal with unfair dismissal & use whistle-blower laws. In short, how to identify all kinds of dysfunction & SURVIVE! In today's brutal economy, any one of them could be a live saver! CHAPTERS YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO MISS! Globalization: Corpses Without Borders - The truth about globalization & how to survive it A Change in Culture is Just a Short Bankruptcy Away - Management philosophies that signal impending doom History Begins When the New Boss Arrives - Why your best achievements mean squat Yes, Virginia, There is an 'I' in Team! - Hidden agendas & how they threaten your survival What is HR & Why Don't They Care About People? - Who HR really works for & what policy traps they make The 'New' Leadership & Why It Fails - Don't get in a boat with anyone until you know what this means

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Do you love Dilbert cartoons? Is your idea of a great read, The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy? Fans of Scott Adams and Douglas Adams are going to love Harvey Drinkwater & The Cult Of Savings. When a loveable idiot rises to the top of a big corporation, what could go wrong? Well, as it turns out...EVERYTHING! Harvey Drinkwater was miserable at the Zipper Emporium. He and Hilda didn’t see eye to eye. Mr Dortmann thought he was an idiot. But Fate had a surprise for him. Globallica, the biggest corporation in America was building a skyscraper in Ocean City and it needed purchasing agents. His big chance had come. Harvey enters the wacky world of Globallica’s Purchasing Department where logic and common sense take a back seat to a whirlwind of crazy characters, questionable ethics and executive shenanigans. Despite one madcap misadventure after another, nothing can stop Harvey's career from fast-tracking him to the top despite every gaff and fumble he makes. Can Harvey survive Globallica’s dysfunction? Can Globallica survive Harvey? Harvey Drinkwater & The Cult of Savings is a companion satirical novel to A Survivor’s Guide To Working At A Big Corporation, an irreverent look at corporate culture.

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