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A Unique New Tool for Authors

Whether you're writing a single novel or building a novel series, create a Character Quad at the start of each new book to supercharge your character universe!

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A Unique New Tool for Authors

Dozens of guide books explain how to build character profiles from a variety of archetypes but in the end it’s up to YOU the author to decide the roles your characters play. How many characters your story needs is also entirely up to you. There’s not much guidance to tell you if you have too many characters or not enough.

What happens when you kill off a character? When should you introduce new ones? If you plan a sequel or a multi-book series, how should you create new characters as you grow your character universe? Do you want a simple tool to help you make these critical decisions?

Of course you do. The Character Quad is that tool and yes, it's simple to learn and easy to use.

The Character Quad answers two questions every author has:

What kind of characters does my story need?
How many characters does my story need?

The Character Quad's two powerful factors help you define your character’s roles and visualize your character arcs.

The Character Quad's simple four-role structure helps you create characters from any archetype for stories in any genre.

The Character Quad helps identify missed important opportunities to add variety and conflict to your story.

The Character Quad is a MUST-HAVE tool for authors who are building a multi-character universe within a novel series.


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