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Children of the Stars

A first contact short story from the sci-fi anthology, Return To Earth

Children of the Stars

In modern day Japan, an American medical researcher discovers the deadly secret behind an eighty-year-old woman's ageless appearance and incredible fertility, and her connection to the bizarre disappearance of the freighter the Ourang Medan in 1948. The ship was found drifting, her entire crew dead, their blistered faces turned to the sky, their fingers pointing skywards. Two journalists claim to know what happened aboard the Ourang Medan that night. Who chartered it and why had been a deep mystery. That is, until now. And this secret— the origin of The Children Of The Stars— now threatens mankind.

From the sci-fi anthology, Return To Earth.

Earth’s story is littered with fantastic tales of alien contact with Earth, both past and future. Some of these tales bring light and hope, while others make us shiver with horror. But what happens when the foreign visitors look remarkably like us? From the far future to the not so distant past, these ten incredible stories blend science fiction with mystery and suspense, fantasy and wonder, history and romance. Ten stories that invite you to discover what would happen if our first encounter with extraterrestrials is with humans returning to Earth.

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